What are Suite360 & ISS360?

Suite360 & ISS360 are digital resources to help K-12 schools address critical wellness and success issues, as well as restorative justice challenges that students, parents, and educators face every day. Specifically, Suite360 is a digital, character development and social-emotional-learning curriculum. ISS360 is the first web and mobile program for suspension and detention, allowing schools to assign specific modules related to a student's infraction.

Both programs offer multi-channel web, mobile & app-based experiences with expertly-written content, which schools can assign to students and/or parents based on grade level or class, or alternatively, to address a particular student's infraction during suspension or detention.

In addition to the content you see within the STOPit SEL Center the Suite360 offers the following features:

  • Real-time student progress reports
  • Year-long curriculum for all students
  • Intervention / Restorative Just program
  • Implementation from the Evolution Labs client services team
  • Pulse surveys that help measure your school climate
  • Parent companion program

All content is aligned with the standards developed by the National Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and mapped to the grade-specific learning objectives published by various state school boards as these standards become available.

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